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I hope you will kick off your shoes, grab a cup of coffee, and stay for a bit.  The blog offers insights on lifting heavy things, nutrition, and loving who you are right now.  When I’m not lifting, coaching, or writing, you can find me having fun over here.



I don't even know about the "shine amongst those who never believed she could" but I like the idea of shining along side those who love and support her every day and allow her to shine in who she is.

I am thankful for the people that surround me. I have an amazing community. Amazing friends. Amazing family. I am one lucky woman. I shine. They shine. There is room for all of us. I am not interesting in converting the people who don't believe in me anyway.

#shineone #justbeingawesome #awakeandalive
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We draw attention to the things we focus on. Imagine how powerful and happy we could be if we obsessed about the things we loved about ourselves and each other. 🙏 #quote #universe #life #soul #awakening #enlightenment #joy #peace #strength #courage #reiki #meditation #chakra #trust #dream #power #create #inspiration #motivation #heartcentered #selflove #thefabricofoursoul #happiness #yoga #lawofattraction #positivethinking #love #gratitude #lightworker

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a moment of thanksgiving

Whatever is happening around you, remember that right now, you are here, you are aware, you are alive. Take a breath, and give thanks for this moment.

from One Moment Meditation

I couldn't have said it better so I used his words.

Happy Thanksgiving!
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On this week of thanks, I need to share an overdue story.

For my last weightlifting competition I hired a coach for the first time ever.
I did have a friend coach me at nationals but this was my first time I sought one out ahead of time. So worth it. What made it more awesome was that it was my friend Khepri. (She is the one in the middle with out the medals on).

Because this page is about weightlifting I need you to know about her. She recently started her own barbell club called LHO barbell. She has been training under Olympian Cara Slaughter to develop her coaching eye and skills. She has a great eye and is working towards being a world class coach. Keep an eye on her. One day she maybe the coach behind an athlete with a gold medal around their necks. Even more important, Khepri will be developing the love and skills of weightlifting in us every day folk who do it because we love it.
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