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That post from Molly Galbraith has really been on my mind the past few weeks. I love the idea of my body not being a before or after picture. It is simply my body. I love that. I have no resolutions around my body for 2017. I am working (and it does take some work) to not be any certain weight for the first time. I do weigh myself every day as data. And honestly since buying the gym, my weight has gone up a bit.

But I trust myself to take care of myself, to eat things that make me feel good, not to binge, and to fuel for my life. I love getting in my workouts. They make me feel good. Strong. That makes me happy. I want my workouts to feel good. I will fuel for that. I want my life not to be centered around food. I will enjoy my food and make good choices...meaning for me choices that don't leave me feeling sick and too full and out of control.

I actually hope I am just the same weight at the end of the year. With out focus, with out intention around weight loss and needing to be smaller, I wonder how the year will go for me.

I know it will be challenging. That pull to lose weight, to be smaller, to "clean up" my diet, to reset, is very fucking strong. It is a voice I have had with me for a very long time. I know I am really happy right now and most days I love my body. Will 5lbs down on the scale change that for me? What if I give up that need to be smaller? To take up less space? To be ripped?

Was anyone else inspired by that post? Anyone else trying to walk away from that pull of needing to be different?
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