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Why do I need peace? I just want to be skinny.

I understand. It is ok to want to be different than you are right now. I have been there. I have been so desperately unhappy with myself that I would do anything to be different and to be skinny NOW. I didn’t want to think, learn, introspect or whatever.

I just needed to be skinny!!!

Being who I was felt intolerable. I don’t know any other words to put to that skin crawling feeling of hating who I was and wanting to be different – but not just any different, skinny different.

It is as if being skinny would some how magically fix my life and I would be happy. Financial concerns would melt away. I would be noticed and loved. Clothes would fit and look perfect. Life would be a breeze. No more struggle, just bliss. I would be special.

I want you to pause and think about your motivation for skinny.

How do you think your life will be different?
What will being that size bring to you that you don’t have now?
What are you wanting it to solve?
What are you missing out on life if skinny is a top priority for you?

I know that you may not want to think about this stuff but if you don’t take time to do it, I can almost guarantee you are not going to love you, your body more or have the peace you want when you are “skinny”. It will keep you in that cycle of food obsession, the searching for the next magic pill and diet, constantly seeking but never finding.

It is possible that maybe you are not ready yet to take on this journey and practice, that is ok. We can all only get here in our own time. When you are tired of the war, tired of the struggle, tired of wanting to be different than the life you have right in front of you – just start shining some kindness to the deepest darkest most hurt-y places in you. Its a great way to start on the path to peace.

Check out www.peacefulbodyproject.com
for more information about the next up coming workshop. Hope to see you there!!

This is a part 4 in a 4 part series exploring questions around the Peaceful Body Project – happening on 05/31/2015.
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When I sat down on the plane for my flight home from California and competing at Masters Nationals a few weeks ago, the man I was sitting next to asked me what I was doing in California.

I responded that I had been out there for a weightlifting competition.

His response "You don't look like a weightlifter."

I mean I am still wearing my singlet, lifting shoes, knee sleeves, belt and my sliver medal on the plane. How much MORE could I look like a weightlifter??!! :)

Kidding of course but that image makes me laugh. :D

I paused for a second and responded - you must be thinking of body building?? No, I am not a body builder. That is a different sport.

I explained to him what weightlifting was. Not sure he cared but now he knows a little more. :)

On a side note, I do not love chatting with people on the plane. I can be a social person but for some reason on a plane I become seriously introverted. Any one else?
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This made me laugh this morning. I also enjoy the phrase "zero fucks given". It does save on a lot of stress for sure.

Have a fabulous stress-free Friday!!
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I started with the sport of weightlifting through Crossfit. The way many lifters are finding the sport these days. There are a few pockets of weightlifting for early adolescent kids but they are few and far between in this country so it can be tricky to start it early on in life. Boy, I sure wish I would have known about this sport when I was in my 20s or earlier. But if I did I wonder if I would be having as much fun with it as I am now.

I learned through the patience of my first coach with the lifts, Kevin Knight of Crossfit Midlo. I remember as I was working through practicing hip extension he kindly asked me - "Is that as fast as you can go?" It still makes me laugh to this day. I am convinced I was born with zero fast twitch muscle and slow hips. How I ended up in a sport that favors those attributes I will never know. I just know that I have been infatuated with the lifts since I began learning them.

I learned how to snatch several days before the Crossfit Open that year had a snatch ladder in one of the workouts. I bombed out at the 100b mark and the judge told me that it was some of the ugliest snatches he had ever seen (with a kind smile on his face). I am sure I have gotten a little better since then as I actually know now how to use my legs and hips and not just pull the shit out of the bar with my arms. :)

I have sought out other coaches - Greg Everett from Catalyst, Wilkes weightlifting, Outlaw barbell, Jon North, Jared Enderton,(who is my current online coach writing all of my fun programming), my friend Meredith as well as some other local coaches and experts. I have watched a ton of video online which I enjoy but I don't know how much it helps me get better as in my mind.. my lifts are amazing. My videos tell a different story and that is ok. I am training, pushing, learning and working to get better and stronger every day. I am ok being the best me I can be... even if that means I am not a world champion weightlifter. I can compete and have fun in the sport all the same.

The point of this post is that I was asked how I got started. I got started at Crossfit. That is one place to start. Depending on where you live there are many boxes now that have olympic lifting classes. There are more weightlifting gyms than ever before.

Remote programming and coaching is also possible and a great option but its a good idea to have the basic movement patterns and terminology down before you start down that path.

I have not been in a gym where I have been intimidated to be as a woman. I know that I have been lucky to always land in places that are welcoming and encouraging for all levels and genders. If you get that vibe from a place, then walk away. My feel about it is that if you come wanting to be taught - open and ready - most places will help you.

If you are wanting to get started and still not sure where to go, message me and we can talk further.

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