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I hope you will kick off your shoes, grab a cup of coffee, and stay for a bit.  The blog offers insights on lifting heavy things, nutrition, and loving who you are right now.  When I’m not lifting, coaching, or writing, you can find me having fun over here.

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[WHY IS WEIGHT LOSS THE ONLY GOAL WOMEN ARE ALLOWED TO CHOOSE!?] ATTN WOMEN: for years you’ve been told that the only options for your body involve shrinking, being smaller, and becoming less. We are here to tell that YOU have the option to make choices about your body from a place of empowerment and not shame. YOU (and only you) get to pick what’s right for your body, and there’s not a damn thing anyone can do about it. . . . Want to join a group of like-minded women who are changing the conversation about women’s health and wellness, and what it means to make empowered decisions about your body? Join our brand-new FREE Facebook community where you can connect with these women, share stories and life experiences, explore all of the possibilities for your life and your body, and get inspired daily. → www.facebook.com/groups/strongwomenlifteachotherup/ [H/T to GGS advisory board member Erin Brown for the video]

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I remind myself of this all the time. Every day I get to do what I love is a day to be thankful for. Even when it feels hard, even when I wish I could lift more, ... just show up and do the work and savor that shit. 😁

(Photo credit: this is my best friend's husband wearing this shirt so I am happy she let me share the pic. Thanks Jocie!!)
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Despite having 5+ years experience in CrossFit,
Despite a workout never having killed me
Or make me tap out,
Despite having always managed to get at least some work done during a workout,
Despite surviving everything I have faced in the gym,

I still get that sicken feeling when I look at the workout and think "OMG I cannot do that".

And yet I do and at a minimum I survive but more than likely it helped me thrive. 😁

Anyone else relate to that?
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