A friend shared this picture with me the other day. It really made me think about the progress I have made with the relationship with my body. It used to be full of hatred, anger, and deep sadness. My first thoughts in the morning were how gross my stomach was.

You know how if you are in chronic pain and then you have a day with out pain, it is a palpable feeling? I get that some times in the relationship now that I have with my body, with myself. I can feel the absence of the hate and despair. It fills me with awe and wonder. 

It was a long path with LOTS of practice and support to get to this place. It had nothing to do with finding the right diet to produce the phsyical body I needed. It had lots to do with believing that I am enough right now in this moment, sorting out my relationship with food and diving in deep with gratitude for everything.

Of course, I still have moments of doubt and wistfulness. The journey is not perfect (life is not perfect, I am not perfect) and there is no there to get to. But the journey is so worth being on. You are worth the fight, the exploration, the discovery, the hard work. <3