2016 Check in on my goals

I don’t do New Year’s resolutions but I do deliberately sit down and choose some focus areas for the year.  For this year and the previous one, I have mostly just selected themes that I want to learn around, spend time in or use as guiding touchstones for my life.

On my whiteboard in my office
On my whiteboard in my office

I thought since Q1 of 2016 is complete I would do a check in to see how things were going so far for me in these areas.

  1. Be passionate about life. Yeah, my guiding principle. Not sure if I have played bigger in this space or not so far this year. Worth pondering.
  2. Swole and Flexy – Very consistent here. I have done ROMWOD every day since before Christmas for the most part and I have been doing only CrossFit for my training since before the end of the year.  Getting swole and getting flexy.
  3. In service to others – An important value to me.  I do have a couple of volunteer activities that I support.  I also took on a speaker coach role for the TedXRVA event this year which was a ton of fun. However, I also want this theme to show up for me in the lives of those that I am around all the time.  For my family, for my friends, for the other members of my gym,
  4. Don’t Bitch out of Habit – Sometimes I find myself just complaining because I am used to it or maybe because I need something to do. LOL  You know those things like the weather, a long line, traffic when really none of these things are that much of a big deal.  I want to bring more attention here and listen more to when I am complaining about something  – why am I doing that? What do I need to be doing instead? Is there something to be grateful for here?
  5. Be with what is.  Oh, the big practice of life. It is and will always be a big practice for me. Sometimes I am great at it. Sometimes I completely forget about it but I do try to keep practicing.

What about you? How is 2016 shaping up for you? Are you living the life that you want to lead?