A Better Story to Tell?

I want to be put on a food plan.

No I don’t.

Wait! Yes, I do! Some one tell me what and when to eat!

No, I know what to do!

WAIT! I am not making progress fast enough! I need some one to tell me and it will be THE magical solution!!

(Is that familiar to any one besides me?  😀 )

Dan John has said that moderation isn’t sexy. It doesn’t sell.

I  agree with his statement BUT I think in this life of extremes, moderation is the better story.

Better?  Is that the right word? Maybe more realistic?

  • What sounds better, the months that you did day after day of crazy, exhausting stuff in the gym only to be burned out and injured in a few months or that you did something every day- showed up consistently worked the five basics of human movement and had energy at the end to be awesome in other area of your life outside the gym?
  • What sounds better that I held it together for a few months of a crazy defined random rules diet and maybe got some spectacular results but then binged and lost control once I got through that and gained all the weight back versus consistently maximizing eating what I like AND makes me feel good and perform well, maximizing eating when I am hungry and minimizing eating when I am not?

I some times feel apologetic that I am not doing more EXTREME things for not trying to work out MORE or paleo HARDER.  Even though I panic some times and still struggle with wanting things to be different, I am happier finding my own way, figuring out what works best for me and keeping a balance with it all.

I lift a couple of times a week. I walk and stand as often as I can.  I eat proteins, carbs and fats through out the day – food that fuels me and tastes good.  Its a new approach but I feel good and am making the kinds of progress that I want to see… albeit slowly.  Sexy and steady. 🙂

What is your story?

Me and my moderate self finding happiness in the sunshine and grass