A Moment of Competition

This past weekend I participated in the Superfit Crossfit competition in Charlottesville, VA.
Going in to the competition, I was not worried about the work outs as it was all weights I could handle and skills that I comfortably have but I was surprised by how I was left gasping on the floor after each one.  While comfortable with the movement, the workouts where short and intense and harder than I though they would be.
For most of the moments I was able to stay where I wanted to be – in the moment. Before my first workout, I stepped on the floor, as the timer counted down my judge happened to say “Don’t forget to have fun!”  I was grateful.  It immediately reminded me to breathe and smile.

As I picked up the barbell again and againbreathe, power, gratitude, smile

As I felt my lungs burningbreathe, gratitude, smile

As I felt my heart poundingbreathe, gratitude, smile

As I negotiated one more rep from myselfbreathe, power, gratitude, smile

I know I showed up and gave what I had. It doesn’t really matter to me that I placed near the bottom. I had my friends there, which was so fabulous, providing all kinds of encouragement and support. I love what my body did for me over the weekend and how I just enjoyed the process of it all.

Feeling nervous at all about an upcoming event? Try these tips:

1. Go in with Gratitude for what ever your body is about to help you do.

2. Breathe.  It helps put you in the here and now so that you can be present and caught up in the stories running through your head

3. Smile.  It reminds you to have fun and enjoy the process. It also releases mental tension so that your energy can go where it belongs – into your body to fuel your heart, lungs and muscles. Plus it makes your fellow competitors suspicious.  🙂


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