The Difference between Acceptance and Resignation

“Acceptance of what is can be wonderfully liberating, but it can also create a great deal of inner peace and harmony. This is an incredibly difficult concept for a society that is constantly assaulting us with messages that most of us need some kind of a ‘makeover.’ Not a day goes by without some ad telling us that we should be thinner, more successful, find our soul mate, be happier or live longer. These messages make it increasingly more difficult to simply ‘BE.’ I love to consider ways of improving myself, but there comes a point where we have to realize that we simply can‚Äôt improve everything about our lives. In fact some of how we look and act make us uniquely different from one another. Those who really care about you will enjoy who you are, as you are.” — Loretta LaRoche

Acceptance of who you are right now in the moment can be scary to people. Hell, It is still scary to me at times. ūüôā I know how it was for me when I first started the practice of ¬†accepting and loving who I am regardless of my measurements or pants size.¬†As I have talked before on this blog, it felt like if I accepted who I am right now then the only choice I had was sitting on the couch eating junk food since I was no longer training in an insane way a ripped physique. ¬†If I wasn’t doing one then I HAD to be doing the other.

Accepting where you are and who you are is not giving up. That is resignation. Take a look at the definitions:


  1. the quality or state of being accepted or acceptable
  2. the act of accepting :  the fact of being accepted : approval


  1. especially :  to give (oneself) over without resistance <resigned herself to her fate
  2. to give up deliberately;especially: to renouce (As a right or position) by a formal act

Can you feel the difference in those? Most people feel, at least at first, that if I am loving who I am now then I am resigning myself to always being that person.  It is not true.

The acceptance brings care versus neglect, tenderness instead of harsh words, understanding vs ignoring inner wisdom.

Love and accept who you are RIGHT NOW in this moment (even if you are bloated, dirty, having a bad hair day, your jeans don’t fit well, cranky or whatever!). You are so worthy of your love and acceptance. ¬†It is from THAT beautiful space that transformation can really take place. ¬†<3


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