All that Arises

I am having one of those mornings that I love. I am absolutely buzzing with the joy and wonder of being alive. It is THIS feeling that I want ALL the time. I want it to stay and be and let me settle in it every moment I am alive. It is during these times when I am grateful for virtually every breath I take, where I consciously great each moment. I wish grasping, holding, wanting made it last even longer.

But this feeling, this “awakeness” will pass. Like all moments.

So I will allow it, welcome it and let it arise and pass. ┬áThis of course, feels easy to do with more positive emotions. I am practicing it as well with anything that arises – hunger, boredom, depression, fatigue. Knowing again that these states, being a part of life, will arise and then pass bringing something new in the next new moment or wave.