How You Know You are Going to Have an OK Day

1. You woke up in bed. This means that you probably have a house, some where decently warm to sleep and a comfortable place to lay down. Cool. So many people in this world are missing at least one of those things. Yay Bed!!

2. You stood up and did your morning routine – stretched, went to the potty, got dressed, etc. Awesome. That means that you body is working reasonably well to accomplish the most basic of tasks. Yay Body!

3. You took a deep breath. Your lungs are in pretty good working order. Breathing rocks! Yay Breathing!

4. You read the morning paper or checked email or facebook. You can read. Literacy is a skill not every one has. Yay reading!

5. You heard your alarm clock. Its not always the nicest sound but you would miss it if you couldn’t hear it. Yay hearing!!

6. You have family members, friends or co-workers who care about you and are happy to see you. Yay relationships!!

7. You ate breakfast. You have access to food. You can savor and enjoy the various flavors of the meal. Yay food!

8. You probably made coffee, tea or had water which means you have access to clean water. Yay Water!

9. You can go outside. This means you can enjoy the sun, the wind, the beauty of the sky and the trees – or what ever environment you are surrounded by. Yay Sunshine!!

10. Do you live in the United States? Then more than likely you had access to education, you can make choices about what you want to do with and in your life, your basic rights to speech and civil liberties are protected, you can vote for the leadership of the US government. Yay freedoms and rights!

See today is going to ROCK!!

“Realize that reality, as it is, is amazing. Look around, and see things as they are, and appreciate the beauty of it all, as messy as it might be. Be grateful you can experience it. That includes everyone around you, as they are. That includes you, as you are.” – Leo from Zen Habits



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