Appreciating the …Everything

Do you ever have that moment where you have the realization that one day every thing around you will change?  The bed you wake up in, the way you make coffee in the morning, the routine of your day, the drive you take to work or to the gym, the people you talk and interact with on a daily or at least frequent basis. I originally titled this post Appreciating the Mundane as recently I have really been considering that every thing I do during the day that will one day be different.

That consideration made me not want to leave out the big things either. I am lucky enough to still have both of my parents, my sisters, my best friend from childhood, my husband and my daughter (in addition to all the other amazing people in my life).  One day that will not be the case.  That realization makes me want to cling to all of them so tightly and never let go in hopes that it will never change and they will never leave.

Change, however, is the one certainty in life.  We come with an expiration date. These bodies that we have will change.  Moods and emotions change. Relationships change. Our children grow up. Catastrophic things happen and then pass. The best moments of our lives arise and pass.

Rather than giving in to the anxiety of the change that happens in life, I practice breathing, appreciating and being the in moment.  I don’t know what is coming next but I do know what’s in front of me right now.  I want to savor and enjoy all of it. Every. Single. Ordinary. Extraordinary. Piece. I lose out if I let my thoughts drift to worry about it all changing or remembering how it used to be.  I want this present moment to be as deep and rich as I allow it to be.