Be Brave Everyday

Recently,  I did a little “Be Brave Everyday” challenge with my barbell group.

I challenged them to think about how they can be a bit braver in their day to day lives. Maybe figure out how to live a bit bigger each day.

For myself, I enjoyed just turning my focus towards bravery each day and seeing how it might show up. Some of it was big things like going to a women’s networking event and not knowing anyone. Some days it was small things like staying in extroverted mode a bit longer, rather than shutting down. Admittedly there were a few days when I didn’t know what, if anything to share at all.

I enjoyed what others were sharing and noticing and that we were all thinking about how we could be braver.

So I challenge you to be BRAVE every day… step into the fear and do it anyway. See what opportunities it creates, the people you connect with, what you notice about yourself about being brave.

Let me know how it goes.