Be Deliberate About The Start of Your Day

I met a man recently who starts every day by saying out loud:

“Today is a fabulous day day full of opportunity and potential.”

Wow. How do you think that sets up his mindset for the day? What subconsciously might he be looking for and thinking about as his day unfolds? And how powerful it is that he is declaring every day as fabulous?

It made me realize that I have gotten out of the habit of setting my thoughts and attitude for the day. I sometimes grumble, I sometimes groan, I sometimes don’t think anything particular at all.  I love the idea of being deliberate and positive with my first thoughts.  I am planning on setting a task with a positive phrase that pops up the same time my alarm goes off so I can see it. Then I will see what I notice through out my day. What you pay attention to grows. 🙂