What I Learned While Collecting Bras for a Month

This past month I did a bra collection drive for the Free the Girls organization.

600 Bras
600 Bras!

I spent last week counting, organzing and packing all the bras. It was unexpectedly emotional.  I was ecstatic that I exceeded my goal by over 100 bras! I was touched to the point of tears that so many people contributed to making this happen. I was thrilled to be able to send these out to help women who have gone through things I can’t even imagine help rebuild and move forward and be their amazing selves in this world.

Packed and ready to go
Packed and ready to go

My lessons from this bra drive:

1) My friends  (people I know personally, people I know only through facebook, people who just saw the tweet or the post on the FTG site) rock. I mean of course I knew this at a certain level already but I was deeply and continually touched from how many people reached out and contributed. Their generosity will make a difference in others lives.

2) Celebrate every body type. There were bras of all colors, materials, sizes and styles. It reminded me of who we are as human beings. All of us different, all of us the same… human and every single one of us is worth celebrating.  🙂

To learn more about the Free The Girls organization please go here.