Bringing Sacred to Every Moment

Sacred seems to be an important word for me at the moment.

It all started when the I saw a picture in the Eat The Food group that talked about eating being a sacred activity.

Then I bought some sheets and they included a little print that said sleep is sacred and so are you.
Sleep is Sacred

It got my brain turning. I wanted to try and bring that feeling of “sacred” to as many moments as I could. To the gym, to running errands, to getting coffee, to those mundane moments in life. It’s those kinds if moments that make up most of our life time. And one day they will stop. There will be a last time we chat with some one, drive that certain route, go through that check out line, experience everything that we currently experience. So I want to savor it, ALL of it.

When I say sacred, for me, I don’t mean religious or super naturally divine, but special and awe-inspiring in its own right. It takes being present and open in THIS moment.

So bringing the sacred to the day to day will be one of my practices for 2014. ️