Busy is Addictive

Over the past year, I have moved from a pretty open schedule to a more demanding one due to becoming a business owner.  I love what I am doing. I love being able to learn and grow and nurture a business that means a lot to me.

I have been working at better time management – scheduling my day, prioritizing my to do list, delegating things when I can.   I am finding, however, I am having a harder time letting things go when it is time just to hang out with my husband or allow for reading time. I feel the pull of needing to do MORE with my time. It feels harder to be able sit and just be or to allow myself a nap or other down time.  Busy must feel good to my brain and it wants to be occupied and working on something rather than here in this moment.

I don’t like the feeling. That feeling of HAVING to do something or feeling like I SHOULD be doing something. To be accomplishing at every moment. Of not being able to relax and be. Of not welcoming the moment that is right in front of me. Of not being present in the time I am sharing with my husband or friends.

SO I will practice. I will practice letting go of busyness. I will practice being with that frantic feeling of “you need to be doing something!” without actioning on it. I will practice returning to the moment in front of me again and again. I will breathe and allow for what is here.

How do you all find that balance? To be productive when you need to be and then to be still or present in the downtime when its time for that?