The Crossfit Open 213

I love the CrossFit Open.

I love hearing about people coming together and cheering each other on.

I love anticipation of waiting for each week’s work out being released.

I love being scared about the work out.

I love the strategizing around it.

The Open is like a rally cry.  Its energizing. People get focused, pumped and excited. Not many of us have hopes of the regionals but exciting to be part of the greater CrossFit community, some thing that ties us to CrossFitters around the world.  Its a chance to really test what we have been doing in ways it feels like a daily WOD doesn’t.

I love (yep! another list of love!):

  • the refocus on the standards.
  • practice judging and being judged by the other athletes.
  • the facebook reports of people getting PRs – mulitple times of surprising themselves by what they got done.
  • every one surviving the suck of burpees and snatches together!

and this is just week 1! WHOOP!!

I love the Crossfit Open.

Me Snatching at 12.2
Me Snatching at 12.2
Me at 13.1
Me Snatching at 13.1