Don’t identify with the wave and forget you are the Ocean

Tara Brach talks about the concept of we end up identifying with the wave – the emotion, the situation, the thought, and forget that we are the WHOLE ENTIRE OCEAN. The ocean here being our whole, entire, wonderful being.  Does that make sense?

Sometimes we think we are the number on the scale, the size of our jeans, our belly, our thighs, our identity as gym girl, our depression, our bad day but it is just one little part of who we are. The Ocean, while aware of all of its waves, is not concerned with one little wave.  Whatever arises is ok, we are enough to handle it, knowing too that it will also pass.

52bfdad2fefa39d30c545f24be202c3dI have mentioned Tara Brach many times on this blog and on the Zen Barbell facebook page.  She is a meditation teacher and publishes out weekly talks on her podcast.  I have learned so much from her and am deeply grateful that she is so generous with her teaching.