Embrace all of it

Life brings everything. You are not doing life “wrong” if sometimes you are sad. If sometimes you don’t want to get off the couch. If you get angry with others. Life is highs and lows. Life is success and failure. Life is struggle and ease. Life is the complete human experience.

We can’t only embrace the highs and expect no lows. I would argue that you won’t enjoy the highs as much without also allowing for without judgement the lows. How can you savor the highest happiness with out also tasting deep sadness? How can you wallow in blissful peace with out standing in complete fear?

I am still learning to embrace all of it. To not judge myself for when I feel “less than enlightened.” LOL.  I do, of course, want my life to be all sunshines, hugs and rainbows (and I have a lot of that) but the reality is that the human experience brings everything.  I am not bad or wrong for not always being blissful.  I don’t need to hammer judgement down on myself for feeling fear, anger, depression. I can just allow for all of those, embrace them and know that 1) they will pass just like everything else in life and 2) everyone… and I mean truly everyone, experiences this.

So sit back, relax and embrace it all. 🙂  We are lucky to be alive and experiencing it.