Good Things Sometimes Feel Scary

I guess I always thought if I were doing things that ignited my passions and moved in the directions where I want my life to be going that it would be easy. That it would feel easy.

Truth is sometimes it scares the shit out of me.

I have come to a much deeper understanding in the past few years of that saying “feel the fear and do it anyway.”

I probably have dealt with this feeling my whole life.  However, some big events in the past few years really brought that fear feeling into my greater awareness.  The increased awareness is also due to my work on mindfulness and allowing myself to feel and experience my emotions. It is all front and center now, rather than me eating or numbing my way through it.

This experience is the arena that Brene Brown talks about. (Don’t you just love her?!)  I know that I want to be brave in my life. I don’t want fear dictating my actions.  So here we go. Feeling all that experiences bring. Being brave to live the life that you want.  We get one shot here. Lets do this!