I Want to Be Brave in My Life

I want to be brave in my life.

I want to be brave in my life:

  • to love who I am and always know that I am worthy
  • to pursue the experiences I want to have
  • to allow love, not my ego, to be the driving force behind my actions
  • to step in to difficult conversations when they need to happen with people I love
  • to be happy rather than right
  • to contribute to the health and well being of others every day
  • to have space in my life and not allow busy-ness to be my measure of success
  • to be authentically who I am
  • to be willing try even if that means I fail
  • to be relentlessly kind
  • to get as many tattoos as I feel I need 😀
  • to always be open to learning
  • to take myself less seriously and play more
  • to be present in this moment, not caught up in stories from the past or about the future
  • to remember we are all just humans on this tiny little planet in a unfathomably large universe

Do you want to be brave in your life? How would that show up for you?