Just When I Think “I have this”…

I realize there is always more to learn.

It never fails when I sit in judgement of someone else, I find myself doing the exact thing I was judging them for within a short time thereafter.

I was judging my husband for having a low energy day and impacting the schedule that I had in my head for the day. The next day? I can hardly summon the energy to do anything or get anything done.

I am judging a friend for not understanding me. Then in a further conversation about it (after I created some drama around it), I realized I was not understanding them either. 

I am judging someone for going too slow or making erratic moves on the street because they clearly don’t know exactly where they are going. Sure enough, I find myself slowing to a crawl while driving as I am looking for the right street to turn on.

It is a lesson I learn constantly. Whenever I feel like I “have it”, I realize there is always more to learn.  🙂