Lessons Learned from My Life So far

In honor of my 42 year on the planet, I am going to copy some of my friends habits of sharing a list of things learned in life so far. I am not doing 1 for every year but a top 20 of the things that pop out at me.  I would love to know what resonates with you and what some of your big lessons are.

  1. Love who you are.  We are born knowing this and then we forget or get it conditioned out of us – some times on purpose and some times by the most well meaning of parents. If we are lucky and with lots of practice you can reconnect with it, savor it, live it. It changes your perspective and how you show up in the world.IMG_2543
  2. Know that you are the ocean. You are not the number on the scale, the size of your jeans, your depression, your food restriction or binge. Those are the waves, you are the entire ocean.
  3. Sit, Stay, heal.  I ran from emotions and experiences for a long time. A powerful tool for me to move past what ever feels really hard is it sit with the difficult feeling, be present with it. It changes and dissipates and typically I have a deeper understanding than I did before.
  4. Its so easy to judge. You never know what is going on with some one else. Try and have some compassion. I find that I have often been in a similar situation to what ever that person is doing that I am judging them for.
  5. It takes great effort to be effortless at something.  Sports, dance, art, loving who you are all take lots of practice. Keep at it. Eventually it gets easier, effortless.
  6. I can trust myself. For a long time I didn’t and even more so never thought it would be possible. But then I practiced (see #5) and it got better.  The inner voice got stronger, clearer and I know I can listen and trust.  The inner critic? Well I got that voice to STFU. 😀
  7. Every thing changes. People, pain, health, rules, moods, energy, life, jobs, technology. If it feels hard or impossible, hold on – it will change. If it feels awesome, savor it, it will change.
  8. The number on the scale does not determine how my day will go or what kind of person I am. See #2 as well.
  9. Follow the energy and passion. I do my best to make decisions that keep me where my energy and passion go and take on less of the things that suck the life out of me.  Of course there are always have to do but probably less of those things than you think.
  10. Genuinely and authentically being love for others and myself. I am pretty sure this is my purpose in life. <3
  11. Move in ways that bring you joy. Bodies love rest AND they love movement. While I would love every one to strength train, its so more important to move in ways that bring you joy. Find what you love and do that.   IMG_5410
  12. And throw random movement shit in there too. We don’t forget how to squat, reach, flip, roll over, get up off the floor, find our balance, become less agile – we just stop doing it one day and then we eventually lose the ability.
  13. CTFO on the food rules. If your life and meals revolve around a strict list of what can and cannot be eaten, you may be missing out on life and the stress probably isn’t worth it. Part of what brought peace for me around food is when I stopped having a “good” and “bad” list.
  14. Don’t underestimate the power of regular good sleep.  Yeah.
  15. Choosing the right mindset can go a long way in managing stress. Some times you don’t have to change what you are doing just your attitude towards it and things feel better. Gratitude is a powerful tool and a perspective changer as well.
  16. Value doing less over doing more.  Open time on your calendar, down time during the day is not a crime. We live in a society that glorifies busy-ness. Maybe try doing a few things really well, rather than a ton of things that you only kinda care about because you think you have to.
  17. Lifting heavy weights and long leisurely walks in nature have done more for me than any antidepressant has.
  18. Consciously take care of your relationships. What can you do to make this person feel more loved?
  19. Its fun to walk through a crowd of people and silently offer them the metta blessing – ” May you be happy, May you be healthy. May you be free from fear. May you feel the joy of being alive.”  It can change your whole outlook.
  20. Don’t believe every thing you think. So. Many. Thoughts. They are all just stories and constructs that I have gotten used to. Doesn’t mean its true. The world got a lot bigger when I questioned what I thought.