Let’s Try This Again

You ever have one of those moments that instantly changes your motivation?

I had one recently.

Many of you know that I went to Masters Pan Ams in the beginning of June.  It was my first bad weightlifting meet. Nothing felt good about it. I tried to cut weight. I didn’t hit my goal and it made me feel terrible.  The energy and excitement of the competition that I usually use to focus myself never kicked in. The weights felt way heavier than they should have.  I went 3 for 6 on my lifts. Got red lighted for the first time (meaning I had a lift judged as not a good lift).


The previous 6 meets to this had been amazing. The meet right before this (April 2015) was Masters Nationals where I smashed PRs and took silver.  You can imagine then how shitty this one felt in comparison. Bad meets happen to ALL weightlifters. You can’t just have amazing meets. Bombing, struggling, working through not having a good day on a meet day is part of the sport of weightlifting.

Since the June meet, I have been playing around with all kinds of things. I did CrossFit for about a month and a half which I actually enjoyed in a strange way. Then I completed a powerlifting cycle, which was a ton of fun.

This past weekend I was listening to some people talk about a fighter who had lost and some one said “What kind of athlete would he be if he failed and then never got back up and tried again?”


The comment struck right to my heart.

I signed up for my next weightlifting competition as soon as I got home.

I don’t care what my lifts will be. I don’t care if my meet total goes up.

What I care about is that I am getting back up and trying again.