What Do You Have Against People Who Want to Lose Weight?

Some one asked me the other day “what do you have against people who want to lose weight?”
Nothing. Honestly. Nothing at all. I am happy to support a person in what ever goals that want to achieve.

What I am against is:

  • Diet and deficit eating as a lifestyle, because we have been taught that happiness is never found in the body you currently have.
  • People waiting to live their life until the scale gives them that magic number that they have been wanting…only to find the only thing it means is that they are still them selves only now they weigh a certain amount.
  • Believing that it is wrong to take up space, to be the size we are, to be who we are.
  • Exercise as a punishment or penance for something eaten.
  • Diets that are not maintainable for life, that make us feel like the crazy one for failing again.
  • Dieting that puts food and the scale as the whole focus of your life and every thing else is secondary to that.

What I love is:

  • Taking care of yourself because you believe you are worth taking care of
  • Exercise and movement because your body needs it and you have found some thing that brings you joy
  • Finding a way of eating that supports your goals, makes you feel good, increases health and is delicious
  • Learning to love who you are and figuring out that it doesn’t mean complacency, it means peace, kindness and care.
  • Figuring who you are and what you love in life beyond gym time and food
  • Eating what you want when you are hungry and feeling what you feel when you are not.

That is what is important to me. That is what I want to share with more people.


If you feel the same or want to learn more about this way of thinking and living, come join me on 4/25/2015. For details and tickets check out : www.peacefulbodyproject.com