Loving myself or just being lazy?

As many of you know I am big on loving yourself (including your body in what ever shape/size it is in) exactly as you are in this moment. I got in to a discussion the other day around this topic with a friend who feels like I have “bought into the new age crap too much” and I am settling for less than what I could be especially when it comes to body composition. I was thrown. My inner monologue started questioning “Am I being too accepting of my weight? Am I using the excuse of loving my self exactly as I am to be lazy? To not push more?”

Or were her words more about her? I know she feels like she has peaked and that it has been down hill since high school. That as beautiful as I think she is, she hates to see pictures of herself.  I know that we often view the world in very different ways and that in her mind peace and loving yourself = complacency and accepting imperfection.

For me loving yourself exactly as you are stops the madness but doesn’t stop the progress.

When you are physically with some one you love, don’t you find that energizing?

Don’t you WANT to pour more into the relationship to make sure it stays happy and healthy?

I view the relationship with myself to be the exact same way.

 I eat whole – not processed food – because that is how I feel and perform the best. I get my sleep each night because my body loves it.  I get into the gym and lift weights because it brings me sheer joy. I spend quiet meditative time with myself so I can better hear that inner voice and I can better feel the present moment.

Love is all you need

I am happier here. The discontent and constantly wanting to be different than who I am brings me to an obsessive miserable place where I count calories and stress about if I am getting smaller or not. When I get to that “I should be different” place I sneak foods and have a daily drink to numb a bit to the stress and misery.

Over the past few years, I have been getting bigger. I size 6 then an 8 and recently last month I bought some size 10 jeans. I know there are certain clothes I am not digging how I look in them. Can I hold that I am ok as I am and lose fat at the same time? Yes. I guess looking at the opposite of that can I hate myself and lose fat… well yes, I could but not for long. As the quote from Fit Mama said – “You can hate yourself fat. You can hate yourself thin. But you cannot hate yourself healthy.”

Its our choices on a day to day basis that make us who we are.

So am I loving myself or am I just being lazy? I can look at my life now and see that I am happier and healthier than ever before. I am not being lazy by not having body aesthetic be my top goal. If I do all the good things to care for myself, then the weight will take care of itself.

Much LOVE!!!