Loving Who You are Takes Practice

You get so many opportunities to make the choice to love yourself or not, to treat yourself with kindness or meanness.

The opportunity to practice literally comes at you in every moment:

Each meal.

Each bite of food.

Each touch of your stomach and wishing it were different.

Each glance in the mirror.

Each step on the scale.

Each time you button your pants or pull on a shirt.

Each time your head touches the pillow.

With each thought that you wake with.

Each time you look at a body you envy.

Each time you hear a compliment.

Each time you hear disparaging remarks.

Each time you get “helpful” advice.

Each time you move your body in ways that you love.

Each time when it doesn’t feel good to move your body.

With each breath.

With each moment.

So many times to make a choice. Remember it is always a choice. Even when it feels awkward or fake at first. The more you do it the better you get so PRACTICE often!! Stone Hearts