Mindset, Joy and Powerful Words

Over the weekend, I attended the 1st annual Women’s Radiance Retreat in Asheville, NC. This event will be happening again in January! Click here for details. (BTW, I get no money for the referral. I just want to let you know about opportunities that inform and inspire. 🙂 )

This retreat was hosted by Jill Coleman, Neghar Fonooni and Jen Sinkler.  Three leaders in the fitness industry that really talk to (and live in real life!) loving who you are and learning to be your best self. If you have those things going on the food and exercise just tends to line up in a healthy way.

I was fortunate enough to do some quick two minute interviews with each of these women.

Jill Coleman: I have been lucky enough to be in Jill’s Best of You coaching group for the past 1.5 years. Yes, I have learned more about fat loss nutrition and workouts as well as online business tools but the most valuable piece to me is that I am more comfortable being who I am in the world thanks to her coaching. That to me is priceless. <3

Neghar Fonooni: I have been watching (online – not in a stalker way) Neghar for years with her kettle bell work. She is one powerhouse of a woman.  I mean that in so many dimensions. She can probably out lift me on any given day. Her presence and attitude is remarkable. I love hearing what she presented and even just getting to chat with her a bit.

Jen Sinkler: Jen was a bit newer on my radar but I feel like a sister from another mister (just read that phrase for the first time the other day and I had to use it 🙂 ). Her love of learning, lifting heavy stuff, a huge sense of humor as well as helping people being the best versions of themselves really resonates with me.


The weekend was an amazing experience full of great experiences, conversations and connections. I am so happy that I got to be a part of it.