Morning Ritual: How to Set Your Self Up for a Better Day

One significant practice I have found for being happier and more peaceful on a daily basis  is deliberately choosing my attitude and thoughts in the morning.

I have talked on here before that my first thoughts upon waking used to be disgust with my body. I would automatically touch my stomach and then stumble in to the bathroom to the scale all the while mumbling about how I didn’t want to be up. I already had my mind working on how I suck and how my day already sucks. (This was just the first five minutes of my day!) It is no wonder I have struggled so much with depression. I wasn’t even giving myself a fighting chance to have some peace and happiness.

Through physical reminders (post-its, signs, phone alerts) and lots of practice, I am able to start my day differently. My Post-it on my bathroom mirror reminds me to:


  1. Decide to make today great. I know that it sounds like a cheesy self help line but there is truth in it. The power is in our hands, our minds. I am deliberate about viewing the day in a positive light.
  2. Get out of my head. Thoughts begin pouring in our brains first thing. It’s a reminder for me to pause, be present and allow the thoughts to slip by and not whip me into a distracted frenzy.
  3. Think of three things. The three things could be  how I have enough in my life right now or three things I am grateful for or three ways my life is amazing right now. It’s all flavors of the same train of thought. It puts me in a mindset of appreciation, gratitude and enough-ness. The more you pay attention to these kinds of things the more you see it in your life.

Of course my favorite sign is this:


If I can remember this each morning then my attitude is set and the day is better. 🙂

Like any change, setting a positive mental state for the day takes time and deliberate action. I don’t always just wake up awesome but with a little practice I can usually get there. 🙂

What do you do to set yourself up to be awesome each day?