An Interview With Nia Shanks

I am so excited to be able to share with you an interview I did with one of my favorite women in the weightlifting/fitness world, Nia Shanks.  I love Nia because she can lift some seriously big weight and even more than that she is doing an amazing job getting the message out there that strength training for women makes you a bad ass as well as teaching an eating approach that is very straight forward, simple and teaches “don’t let this stuff make you crazy or dominate your life”.

More performance goals and no body shaming?? YES PLEASE!! 🙂 



In this interview we cover:

  • Weightlifting philosophy
  • What to do if you feel dread when ever you walk into the gym
  • How to eat with out making yourself crazy
  • The importance of mindset in training and being healthy
  • PLUS: don’t miss the photo bomb moments from my husband and cats!!  🙂

I know you will see why I just HAD to interview Nia for Zen Barbell. She absolutely embodies all that this site is about:
strong body, present mind, better life!!

Nia can be found at and on Facebook. For more information on her programs:

  • Her Beautiful Bad Ass program can be found here: Click Here!
  • Her Lift Like a Girl video series can be found here: Click Here!
  • Her Sane and Simple Nutrition plan can be found here: Click Here!



If you want to learn more about loving who you are and getting peace with your body but aren’t sure how to do that, let Zen Barbell help you! Check out the 30 Days to Stop Hating Your Body program here.