The Only Numbers That Really Matter in Life

I have heard it from so many of my friends, my personal training clients, the athletes that I Crossfit with and even random overheard conversations:

“Ugh! The scale is not moving!”  

“I know I shouldn’t but I weigh myself several times a day!”

“The number on the scale can really make or break my day”

Sound familiar?  🙂

The scale makes people crazy and neurotic (is that redundant?).  Unless you are in a sport that requires weight classes, you don’t need to do daily checks on the scale. You are letting the wrong numbers rule your life and set the tone for your day.

My thoughts? FUCK the scale. I don’t even care about the size of your jeans.

Those aren’t the numbers that matter in your life.

You know what numbers count WAY more than what you see on the scale?

  • How many true friends do you have?
  • How many times were you kind to some one today (a complete stranger or a friend)?
  • How many times did you laugh today?
  • How often do you offer yourself some love and compassion ?
  • How much weight did you lift today?
  • How many new things did you learn today?
  • How many times did you do something the scared you?
  • How many conversations did you have that were meaningful and increased connection to passion, to life or to others?
  • How many things did you engage in today that ignited your true passion in life?
  • How many hugs did you give to your kids, spouse, friends?
  • How many things can you be grateful for right now in this moment?
  • How often were you completely present in the moment?

What else could be included in this list?  What numbers matter to you?

You can make your life richer and more meaningful simply by shifting focus to the things that really matter.  It is that simple but not always easy.  Yes, healthy weight and body fat levels are important for physical health. However, when you let a number on a scale determine how you feel about yourself and how your day will be, you are missing out on so much amazing-ness right in front of you.

Have a great day and go find those numbers that matter!!


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