I was enjoying my usual Sunday morning routine of an early coffee and Whole Foods run followed by a leisurely walk in the park.  I was listening to a podcast from Tara Brach (Sigh. I love her.) She made the comment

“When you trust you are the ocean, you no longer worry about the waves”.

I stopped. Oh my yes! THAT is what I have been really feeling these past few months. I have connected that I am something bigger than my experiences, moods and energy.

I can have all of these waves:

  • sadness for no particular reason
  • frustration from a bad workout
  • panic in response to a number on the scale
  • feeling sick after eating too much
  • hurt from an interaction with some one
  • I am so tired when I feel like I shouldn’t be

But its ok because I am more than that. I can still be Ok AND experience all of that. The ocean is big enough that it can recognize, allow and contain all the waves – it doesn’t have to worry or get obsessed about just one.

I shared a few weeks ago on this blog that I no longer feel like I am broken. I finally see, feel myself as whole – not perfect just whole. The ocean imagery really works for me in this case. I identify as the whole ocean, not one crazy wave. 🙂  The ocean/wave idea is a continuing theme that first showed up for me around the time of my tedxrva talk.  I have a deep feeling that whatever life brings to me, what ever I experience its not that I won’t be sad, won’t struggle but through being with all of it, I will be ok.

You are the ocean. Don’t sweat the individual waves.