On the Edge

These past few months have been full.

Full of energy. Full of fears. Full of busy things. Full of learning. Full of conversations. Full of what ifs? Full of leaps of courage. Full of mind. Full of heart.

I love when I get in these big learning cycles. Sometimes I get those moments where I feel I am on the edge of something huge that I can’t quite wrap my arms, heart and brain around.  But it is close. I can hardly wait to see what all of this learning brings. Where it takes my life, my experiences, my gym, my relationships.

Its exciting.

Are you able to recognize the big learning times in your life? Maybe where you feel like you are drinking through a fire hose? Where you feel off balance most of the time? Where you feel fear but know you are heading in the right direction? Can you relate to that feeling of being close to some bigger understanding but not quite there yet??  I would love to hear about it.

ON the journey, heading towards some new understanding