Peaceful Body Project Questions Part 2

Why is having a Peaceful Body important?

Why? Why all of this effort at ending the war? Time spent beating the crap out of yourself, thinking that you are worthless, broken and gross is a waste of precious moments of life. We never know how many moments we get. Don’t throw them away by believing that you are anything less than amazing.

I want a life where I am awake and alive, deeply experiencing each moment and living the biggest life I can lead.  That cannot be done when I am at war with myself.

Change is possible by being kind. You can still make health and body composition changes from a place of peace, not war.  It is not complacency, I promise. Can you see or even feel the value in offering love and kindness to yourself when you stumble rather than berating and shaming yourself?  That act of kindness is like throwing a stone in a still pond, it creates a ripple way beyond losing weight. Its life altering action.

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This is a part 2 in a 4 part series exploring questions around the Peaceful Body Project – happening on 05/31/2015.Being kind to yourself ripples out