Peaceful Body Project Questions Part 3

I’m sorry but I don’t think peace is possible. Why do you think I can change that?

I understand. I have been where I didn’t think peace was possible. There was no way I could trust myself – with decisions around food, with things I wanted to do in life. I hated my stomach (and my whole self at times) and so desperately wanted it to be different. I told myself all kinds of horrible things:

“I’m lazy. Worthless. Undisciplined. Messed up. Gross.”

So many unkind things. This is who I thought I was at my core.

Not. True.

Peace is possible. It takes deliberate effort like anything else you want to accomplish in life.  I have pursued it with a passion.  I have had lots of therapists, teachers and guides to help along the way and I have practiced. Oh the practicing! Again and again and again. I have stumbled and fallen A LOT while trying to find peace. This happens. Its not failure. It is the process. Each stumble is another opportunity to pick yourself up, figure how what happened, adjust if needed and keep going.  Peace with myself is all about progress, not perfection.  I am different than I was last week, last year, last decade and I will progress and be different in the future me. I am making progress in peace and love with who I am in the world.

You can choose. You can choose to stay stuck where you are believing you are not enough or you can figure out how to change that step by step and work to be happier here and now.  Wait until you see the impacts that it has in your life. 😀

At the Peaceful Body Project workshop, we will give you lots of practices to choose from to begin or continue down this path.

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Check out the website for more information about the next up coming workshop.  Hope to see you there!!

This is a part 3 in a 4 part series exploring questions around the Peaceful Body Project – happening on 05/31/2015.