Peaceful Body Project Questions Part 1

What does it mean to have a Peaceful Body?

It means ending the war with yourself.  It means learning to believe you are worthy and whole.  It means having confidence as you walk in the world around you because you are fabulously you. You KNOW it and you BELIEVE it.

A peaceful body is not about scale weight or clothing size. My experience is that those things have nothing to do with peace with yourself. I have been small in my life and very overweight. I was miserable in both places because I wasn’t happy with me. But I do find having a peaceful body helps you more readily get to a weight/body composition that works well for you where there is balance, ease and a body that allows for things that you love to do.

Having a peaceful body means being aware and take care of the body you have. We get one body in this life and this is yours. It gets us around in this world. It is how we experience the joys and sorrows and all emotions and experiences in between. Many of us however live life from the neck up.  The awareness and care of our peaceful bodies happens mindfully through:

  • being aware of how it feels – when you are just hanging out, when you are hungry, when you are upset, when you are happy – life is experienced by all of you – not just from the neck up
  • spending time with it in meditation
  • caring for it through cleaning and grooming
  • checking it out in the mirror with shining love and awareness (even on the parts that in the past may have made you wince).

Moving from a place of peace, love and kindness allows for such a better journey, a better life than self-hatred and disgust.  Check out the website for more information about the next up coming workshop.  Hope to see you there!!


This is a part 1 in a 4 part series exploring questions around the Peaceful Body Project – happening on 05/31/2015.