Where is your head when you are training?

I recently read Dan John’s Intervention. I am so in love this this book. There are many good insights and tools.

Dan JohnThis is one of my favorite quotes:

“Always strive for a quiet head, efficient movements and a sense of calm while training.” Love.

He goes on to say “True, it is difficult to look elegant with sweat burning in your eyes, but try.” 🙂


I talk to my athletes all the time about being aware of their mind set:

“I can’t do this.”

“This bar is heavy.”

“This sucks.”

Does any of that sound familiar ?  🙂

Do those words at all motivate you to finish your work out or put your best effort forward? No? Me neither.

What if you just stayed in the present moment and dealt with what was right in front of you? What is your focus in the present moment?

  • The next rep that you need to get.
  • That next step you need to take.
  • The motion that you are in now and only right now.
  • Think how amazing it is that your body is responding – trying, working with your mind to get the work done.

There should only be words of encouragement and motivation flowing.

Yeah. It might be hard. Oh well. You will be ok. 🙂

As I have said before about CrossFit, at a minimum you will survive at best you will thrive.

Even if you should fail at this work out (what ever that might mean), what can you be learning from it?

  1. Do I need to be better fueled?
  2. Did I not get good sleep the night before?
  3. How has my stress level been?
  4. Do I need to go back to basics a bit on this lift or move before I add this much intensity again? What do I need help with?

Or really did I just bring the best I had on this day and THAT was all I had? That is perfectly ok.

How are your mental messages when you work out? How aware of you of what is running through your head?


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