Reflections on Life While Traveling

I recently had the opportunity to go to London and Vienna. I really enjoy traveling, especially to Europe. Although I think given the chance, I would go anywhere in the world if it were safe enough of a place to visit.

Anyway, this was a delightful trip with one of my friends who is one of my world-wide travel companions. There was lots of walking, climbing up stairs of very tall cathedral spires, eating of lots of carbs and drinking of lots of coffee. IMG_7671#carbsandcaffeine
(I know hashtags in a blog post are not needed but they make me laugh so there it is. 😀 )

In the course of this trip, I visited several museums as I am apt to do when traveling. I love looking at art, objects from different eras, and items that I have read about my whole life but have never seen in real life. Recently while being in a museum and seeing things that were used by average people hundreds and even thousands of years ago, (rings, necklaces, plates, cups, utensils, etc) I get hit with a strong sense of the brevity and anonymity of human life.

Who were these people? How were their lives? What did they struggle with? What did they celebrate? Did they enjoy their life? What would they think to see their jewelry, dishes, possessions on display at a museum? How many of hundreds of thousands, millions of people existed with no trace of anything to be displayed in a museum?

For me it always comes back to this the reminder that our life spans are but a flash in cosmic time. We never know how much time we get. Enjoy and savor every minute of the life you get to experience. Pay attention and tune in to what is going on around you. Life isn’t meant to be lived on autopilot.

Awake and alive, baby!!