Room for all of us to shine

I have been wondering recently about the reaction women sometimes have to other women. I have some friends that are “step off a fitness cover” fit. It is something I have always wanted to have but never achieved.
But I hate the thoughts that have been through my head sometimes: “If you weren’t so nice, I would hate you.”
Why would I feel the need to not like them because they are super fit and gorgeous? How in anyway does that take away from me? From who I am in the world? I know I am not alone in this because I have heard similar thoughts come from other women. I just am curious about the reaction I have noticed in myself and others. The more secure I have become in myself the less impact these thoughts have or the less they even show up.
I truly believe that there is enough for all of us to shine. There is enough to embrace and support each other. There is enough to celebrate our successful, smart, beautiful friends who may have what we want as we are all successful, smart and beautiful in our unique ways. Know that the celebration, support, and love does not take way from what we want to accomplish nor who we are as human beings, who are all involved in the delightful journey of existence.
I carry this philosophy into my business world too. Clearly there are many other gyms out there, CrossFit or otherwise.  I could get wrapped up into what they are doing and charging and view them all as competitiors to be beaten. Or….
I can acknoweldge that we are all working to get people stronger, healthier, moving better. My gym is not like other gyms and I don’t want my gym to be a copy of what someone else is doing. I want it to be a reflection of the values and energies of me and my business partners.  How can we (being the gyms in the area) learn from each other and support and grow as a greater community? There is room for all of us to shine to play a roll in our communities to help make them stronger and healthier.
There is enough here for all of us to