There is Room for All of Us to Shine


There is enough here for all of us toI truly believe that there is room for all of us to shine. Another person’s success does not have to take away from mine. My success doesn’t take away from other people’s accomplishments. Even if I am doing something exactly as some one else – weightlifting, coaching, writing, whatever – we can be competitive together, we can challenge each other, some one can even be better but at the end of the day, I am on my journey and they are on theirs and we can both shine. We can both grow, learn, help, be bold, be ourselves, be present, work – SHINE!

I don’t have to demean, insult, gossip about other people because they have success. It only lessens my shine.

There is enough success, opportunity, connection, challenge, LIFE for all of us to shine.

So just a little reminder when you feel yourself closing down, tearing down another, feeling that resentment of another’s success, pause for a moment and realize there is enough for all of us to shine. When you realize that see how it changes your perspective on your situation, your success. Let me know what you think.