Shouting Love

I get exuberant with love sometimes. It spills out of me in ways I can’t always control or perhaps I just don’t want to.  My husband tells me I shout at the cats for love. I am not yelling at them per say, I am just wanting to snuggle with them enthusiastically.  I silent shout “I love you” to my sleeping husband when I leave in the mornings to go to the gym.  I am a big hugger. I get excited about seeing my friends. If I am in a connected flow state, watch out! I will be shouting love. Reminding those in my life that I love them. That they are awesome. That I am grateful that they are in my life.

Honestly, I savor these moments in time where the passion for the people, animals, things, circumstances, events, connection in my life just spill from me.

Do you ever “shout” love to those in your life?