Stop Thinking about Losing and Start Thinking about Being Amazing

How many years have you spend focusing on a calorie deficit?

How many times have you wished for that number on the scale to be just a little (or maybe A LOT) different?

It gets depressing, tiring and old to focus on loss, smaller, less food, deprivation and really there is no “there” to get to. There is no end to that cycle.

Be more than that for yourself. Focus on being amazing.

How are you amazing?

Focusing on being AMAZING means setting goals like:

  • A body weight back squat
  • Getting a first pull up
  • Full-body-on-your-toes push ups
  • Running your first race/Tough Mudder/Adventure race
  • Learning new skills like the Olympic lifts, hand stand push ups or ring dips

You want goals that have you chasing after things that scare you a bit, get you out of your comfort zone and things that you know that when you get there you will raise your hand, fist pump and yell THAT WAS AMAZING!!

All of these take a plan, focus, daily consistent steps to be successful.  And when you get that goal? BAM! You just added more amazing in your life.  You have a new skill, you are stronger.  Doesn’t THAT feel so much better than worrying about a deficit or the scale?

Keep the food stuff simple: real, whole foods – “JERF: Just Eat Real Food”  and then you don’t have to worry about it.  Fuel to meet your performance goals and your amazingness.

Amazing people also getting plenty of sleep and have good to great stress management tools. Don’t forget about those two BIG pieces!

Crazy stuff will happen when you focus on amazing rather than weight loss.

WARNING! Side effects may include:

  • Feeling more pride in yourself
  • Increased confidence that you can set a goal and accomplish it
  • A body that feels satisfied and stronger (warning: additional leanness MAY occur!)
  • An inner monologue that shifts from negative criticism to positive high fives
  • Positive changes in other parts of your life above and beyond the health and fitness area

Each Tuesday on the ZenBarbell facebook page, We celebrate amazingness. I want people to share how they are being amazing in their lives.  Please come over and shout it out!!

If you want help getting started with your own being amazing plan, let me know! I would love to help!




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