Ten Deep Breaths

I mention frequently that I am always looking for the magic pill that will make me better – in what ever capacity I am chasing at the moment.   I think I found it.

10 Deep Breaths.

I have had a breathing coach tell me that 10 deep breaths (in and out through your nose, full on diaphragm expanding breaths) helps you sleep better.

I just heard the other day some one else uses 10 deep breaths to savor those day to day moments even more.

Another trainer advised that they use 10 deep breaths post workout to calm their nervous system and go back out in the world in a calmer, collected state.

My recent practice of taking 10 deep breaths before I eat helps me slow down, pay attention and enjoy the food that is in front of me.  It helps me eat less and enjoy more.

BreatheI invite you to try out this “magic pill” practice when you need to slow down, savor, refresh, relax, pause, sleep better or be more mindful.

Let me know what you think or share times when you find the 10 deep breaths practice especially useful.