The Last Day of 2015

I LOVE LOVE LOVE New Year’s eve. I love the purposeful look back over the year that was and the anticipation of a new year. I have spent the past few days going through my calendar (where I track everything), my photos, some journals. 
What I learned in the review:
1) It was a kick ass year. So much experienced and learned. 

2) 2015 aligned with my themes that I set up at the beginning of the year. This year I established themes at the beginning of the year around areas/topics that stick out in my heart and mind. I used them to guide where I want to focus and spend my time.

The themes I had for 2015. Kept on my white board in my office
The themes I had for 2015. Kept on my white board in my office
How the year lined up with my themes:
In weightlifting, I took silver at master’s nationals AND then several months later bombed out at a meet. I did a powerlifting training cycle. I intermittently did some CrossFit. I also got a sweet Eleiko barbell and kilo plates!
Improvement movement and coaching skills
I learned a lot about crawling, rocking, and head nods. I learned a great deal about myself and how I deal with pain. I continued to make a  conscious effort to  read from master coaches in order to improve my own skills.
I got a new tattoo. I did all I could do to just keep it at one this year. LOL
I also created a wall this year in my house filled with pictures of my friends tattoos. I love it so!
I traveled: Miami, California, Colorado, Nevada, London, Vienna. I got to stay at a bucket list place: The Hotel Del Coronado. It was all I hoped it would be.
Love and be present
Yes, this was my mantra for the year. There was lots of practice for this. I felt like I grew in being able to allow love and just being to be my guiding principles in different situations and relationships.
3) One final observation about 2015: I take numerous of pictures of my cats. Hitch in particular. 🙂
This is Hitch. Can you blame me?? :)
This is Hitch. Can you blame me?? 🙂








What would you learn or have you learned from your review of 2015?