One (Of Three) Phrases That Help Make My Life Better

I love to put up little reminders to myself of how I want to be in my daily life or reminders of goals or things that I am working on. It is so easy to get to the end of each day and forget that we wanted to try out a new habit or behavior. This month I thought I would offer 3 little phrases or mantras that I use often through out my day that help me be present with my thinking and mindset.

Phrase #1:
“This moment… and this moment… and this moment.”

I first heard this from Tara Brach who wrote the book Radical Acceptance, publishes her weekly talks through a podcast and is one of my favorite mediation teachers.

It is a reminder that this moment right in front of us is the only moment that matters.  I repeat this to myself to remind myself to be present and tuned in to the moment right in front of me.  That can be at any time – in the middle of a workout, in line at the grocery store, while I am on Facebook, when I am surrounded by friends or strangers, when I am bored, when I am happy,…. getting the point? 🙂


Try it out. Let me know what you think. Will share phrase number 2 next week!!

Do you have little phrases or mantras that help you out?



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