Welcome Everything

These past few weeks have brought many challenges as life tends to do. Physical pain, an ailing parent, tensions with a close friend, hormones, a lack of sleep.  I was on my way home one evening and feeling pretty overwhelmed by everything.  I was running lists of everything that was going wrong at the moment and how bad it all felt.

And then I remembered…

my favorite poem from Rumi. It talks about inviting all of your emotions in for tea. Welcoming them in like friends.

I took a breath.

I named everything I was feeling.

Fatigue. Welcome.

Sadness. Welcome.

Anger. Welcome.

Overwhelm. Welcome.

I turned in and faced everything. I welcomed them and allowed for them to be.

When I was done, I felt some more space. I was able to breathe better. It didn’t solve any of my problems. It didn’t all magically go away. I will still tired. My Dad still wasn’t better. I still was struggling with my friend. My back still hurt.


I wasn’t as overwhelmed. I felt more present. I felt more space between me and what was happening.  That felt pretty darn good. e19e6ecc960ea4353623f31fb54f162b