What are you wanting for 2013?

“We must be willing to let go of the life we’ve planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.” ~Joseph Campbell

So many “make the best of 2013” articles coming out. Admittedly, I love new year and the feel of a fresh start – its like ONE BIG MONDAY MORNING!! 🙂
The reality is that any day is a good day to start new habits.

I am trying something new this year. I do normally make resolutions and month by month plans and I am letting all of that go.

As a matter of fact the two words – ok, three words – I am using to guide my decisions and actions this year are: Letting go and Connection.

Letting go – ZenHabits really helped bring this into focus for me. I am want let go of expectations, of not being present in the moment, of thougthat that make me miserable, of thinking I am not good enough, of extra stuff (possessions) and of planning. I am going to go where the passion and fun takes me! WOOP!

Connection – This year I am focusing on connecting with people and connecting with this moment (and this one… and this one…) and letting that be enough.

What have you been holding onto in 2012? What can you let go of it in 2013?
Clutter? Relationships that don’t serve you? The same old resolutions that you never hit and then feel bad about yourself? Self-doubt or self-hatred? The stupid scale? Expectations of yourself and others that no longer serve you? Share with me what you want to let go of this year!

You can do it. Be amazing – today and every day!! Life is too short not to be!!



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