What Do I REALLY Need?

Sometimes I find I have to remind myself that losing 10lbs means that I will still just be me only 10lbs lighter. If I am feeling discontent in my life and feel like I JUST HAVE TO lose weight so that everything will be ok then I need to pause for a moment.

I have weighed less than I do now. Life wasn’t magically better then. When I feel this burning desire to be smaller, I need to figure out what else I am wanting to solve for that I am putting weight loss as the solution to.

What am I missing or needing in this

Do I need to be kinder to myself? (Btw, the answer to this is yes, always. )
Do I need more connection?
Do I need less busyness?
Do I need to pay more attention to my health?
Do I need to stop believing all the crazy thoughts in my head?
Do I need to be more present in my life?
Do I need to pay attention on a regular basis to what I am grateful for and where I already have enough?
Do I feel like I do not deserve to take up space?

Of course its fine to lose weight. Be healthy and be the best you you can be. I just found myself wishing again recently that I was 10lbs lighter so I felt like I needed to ask why and understand.

Love who you are. Love your life.