What the Scale Says About You

shutterstock_67522939Did you know that there is one device that can make or break how some one feels about themselves? Sounds crazy right?  Nothing could have that much power over how some one feels about who they are and how their day will go, right?

I am talking about the bathroom scale.  I am sure many of you had guessed that and have had that exact experience.

What does the scale really show us each day?  From a factual point of view, it shows the weight of an object which is usually taken to be the force on the object due to gravity. Wow. Yeah I can see how THAT should contribute to our self esteem or be a measurement of how good of a person we are or what kind of day we should have. (Shaking my head.)

Its a fucking number.  Get over it.  Which… I know… will take some practice.  That number that you see is not an assessment of how much you love, how many lives you impact, how much you have grown mentally, emotionally over the years, how much love and understanding you give yourself, how good you are at your job, how much weight you can lift or how many  or the quality of the deep personal relationships you have.

  • It takes time to separate ourselves from that particular assessment but it is worth the time and effort to learn to stop identifying with the number that stares back up at us.
  • It takes time to build that trust in ourselves that we are ok with out knowing what that number is or making it important in our lives.
  • It takes time to build the trust that we will not immediately return to a life of sloth and obesity with out that daily check in.

But like anything with daily practice of NOT stepping on the scale and managing those messages that echo in our head it CAN happen and it is so freeing and powerful. You are so worth it!!

How many of you hold a number in your head that you desperately would like to hit? What would that mean about your life if you hit that number? How would you be different in the world?

Be that way now.

That is who you are. You are not a number. You are a beautiful human being. Don’t delay joy.

Let me come over and take the scale out of your house. 🙂 Throw it away. You don’t need it.  If you are trying to reduce body fat and be healthier there are so many more markers you can be using that won’t wreck your day and will make you feel more empowered.




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