What’s Going on in Your Circle of Friends?

Repeatedly in my life I have learned that the people that you hang out with often can either raise or lower your game over all. (By game, I am referring to the standards that you measure yourself up to, quality of life, values, etc).

Recently, I have noticed two pretty cool themes in my circle of people that have been pretty damn cool.

1) Doing less.
Several of my friends have made some big decisions in their life to stop doing some of the things they had been doing. It felt scary and questionable. However, now that they have taken the leap they love the renewed energy they have from not being over committed or tied to things that feel too burdensome.

More is not better. Better is better.

Is there a way you can simplify or make room in your life? Let go of some things that drain you or don’t meet with your values and priorities?

2) Taking recovery seriously.
A couple of friends have made deliberate efforts to sleep more, take true days off and away from the gym, practicing more self care, eating enough and working on their mobility. Their bodies feel better. They feel better. Life is more enjoyable. They have more to give when they are in the gym. Take your rest and recovery as seriously as you take your work outs.

So. Cool. I am really impressed when people make decisions that don’t always fit with what is expected or what people view to be as the norm and I love that my friends are owning decisions to make their lives better. My friends make me want to raise my game.

What can you do to step up your game?