When Should You Feel “Bad” About Your Food Choice?

“I am going to eat X food and not feel bad about it!!”

I hear this all the time. While I love people working to not have hang-ups on certain foods , it makes me realize how programmed we are along the good foods/ bad foods line.. And how that goes even further to being good or bad people based on the food that was just consumed.

For me now, the only times I feel bad about eating a food is:

1) When I eat something that I KNOW makes me feel bad. Kindness is filling your body with foods that bring energy and nourishment. Not ones that leave you doubled over in pain for hours or effect you poorly in other ways. This is important to consider with people who have food allergies or diabetes but I feel like most of us know what fuels us.

2) When I eat in quantities that make me feel sick. This is my one big rule. I don’t ever want to me laying in bed at night feeling terrible because I ate too much. It is not kind to stuff yourself to over capacity. Bingeing is not kind. Kindness is enjoying, savoring and having exactly enough.

What if nothing was forbidden? What if there was no guilt? How might you eat? Would you have food rules for yourself?