Who Are Your Supporters?

I am doing a Brene Brown course at the moment and learning lots. In going through some exercises this week, she asks the class to think about the critics and supporters in your arena. The Arena being the area – or areas- in your life where you want to show up and be seen, be brave. Part of that arena is the people who fill the seats – the critics and supporters.

I am embarking on a big change in m life (details coming sometime soon). There are times when I feel so confident and excited about what is coming. Other times I feel terrified and question my abilities to show up in this arena. I haven’t had a lot of critics yet. I don’t know that I have a lot of those in my life in general – except myself. 

But damn, my supporters? My heart can hardly hold the gratitude and amazement for those who are willing to stand next to me in this and many of my journeys. They support me, allow me to be me, and are there  to grab my hand when I fall, help me back up and dust me off. It has been a journey of appreciation this week for the people I have in my life.

Do you have supporters in your life? Do you know who they are? Do you know who you can count on to be by your side for what ever life brings?

It is important to know who these people are for you ahead of time. When you are stuck in the moment of fear, not-enoughness, or have just tried but failed, its hard to think clearly. If you know ahead of time who to turn to it makes it easier to turn to these people for help, a hand or a shoulder.